About Suran Built

At SURAN BUILT we understand that organic design and natural lighting can revitalize any area of the home.  From kitchens to baths, we have a passion for making ordinary spaces extraordinary.

Our helpful staff and skilled tradesmen know that great renovations are more than a construction project. Commitment, integrity and attention to detail fuel our ability to create breath-taking living environments that are a reflection of your personality and lifestyle.



Our mission is to “bring harmony to our clients home” through remodeling products and services and this is how we do it:


We are committed to “building a better world”, which to us means improving the quality of our clients’ life through the products we offer or the services we provide. We are committed to helping our clients to make the best possible choice for their lifestyle as well as their budget. We are committed to being environmentally conscious. We are committed to our projects from start to finish!



We, ourselves, like and seek quality in our own lives. The dictionary defines “quality” as – a high level of value or excellence or superiority in kind; a personal trait, especially a character trait; essential character; nature.

For us, quality delivers peace of mind, ease and beauty and it applies to the product we offer as well as the service we provide. It may not be the most inexpensive route in the beginning, but in the long run, quality delivers a feeling of well-being and well-planned decision. We strive to deliver lasting quality to the complete project, whether it is a full remodel, upgrade or simply consulting our potential clients on their options.



We stand by the quality of products we offer as well as the quality of the installation. Therefore, we choose to work with companies and installers that we can trust to be there when things are showing signs of mishaps. As much as we would like there to be no complications and conflicts we are well aware that these are part of our everyday human life and we do our best to resolve all that is in our power to resolve.



Working in a remodeling business is not only about building kitchens and baths, it is also about building relationships with our client. We realize the amount of trust it takes on the client’s end to allow us to come into their personal space and take their lives apart for an extended period of time. It is an honor and great joy for us to be doing the work we do and we wouldn’t be this successful if it wasn’t also for all the wonderful installers and manufacturers that are committed to the same values that we are.